Saturday Scenes

Fri 26 June 2015

20 June 2015

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Lots of lovely-jubbly photographs again this week:

And here are the people who took them:

Next up: Self-Portrait Saturday! Just like every other Saturday except that you are invited — encouraged even! — to turn the camera around and take a photograph of yourself. Would you like inspiration? Take a look at the last six years of self-portraits:

Wow, has it really been six years worth of self-portrait Saturdays already?

The rules are simple: You have to take the photograph on Saturday, just like every other week! Simply submit it with a location and we’ll end up with a great collage.

You don’t have to take a self-portrait if you don’t want to but it sure is fun to see the faces (and feet, and other clever interpretations) behind the lens.

See you tomorrow?

Fri 19 June 2015

13 June 2015

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Are you ready for this week’s fascinating photographs from all over?

Take a moment to meet the photographers by clicking on their Twitter feeds!

Advance warning: it’s coming up to Self-Portrait Saturday! Not this week but Saturday the 27th of June, everyone is encouraged to turn the camera around and send in a photograph of the person usually behind the camera!

We’d love to see you; I do hope you’ll join in the fun.

For this week, it’s the usual: take a picture on Saturday and tweet it to @SatScenes with your location.

Fri 12 June 2015

6 June 2015

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It seems to have been good weather everywhere last Saturday. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

If you like the pictures, do send a tweet to the photographer.

Please tell your friends to join in.

It’s easy. Just take a photograph and tweet it to @SatScenes with a location.

Fri 5 June 2015

30 May 2015

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A lot of interesting photographs from exciting places this week!

Here’s a list of nice people all over the world taking photographs:

Join us next week: the more the merrier!

You know the drill: take a photograph, tweet it to @SatScenes with a location and bask in the glory.

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