Saturday Scenes

Fri 30 May 2014

24 May 2014

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Another wonderful Saturday and another wonderful selection of Saturday scenes:

And here are the wonderful people who took them:

Shouldn’t you save a photograph of your day-to-day life for posterity? It’s easy!

  1. Take a photograph on a Saturday
  2. Upload the photograph
  3. Send a tweet to @SatScenes with the url and the location
  4. Bookmark for future descendants to find

I’m looking forward to seeing your photograph in the next edition!

Sat 24 May 2014

17 May 2014

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Another Saturday and another grand collection of photographs! Take a look:

And these are the photographers that took them:

What are you doing this Saturday? Take a photograph and share a moment of your day with the rest of us. It’s easy! Simply send a tweet to @SatScenes with a link to your photograph and the location. We’d love to see your corner of the world.

Fri 16 May 2014

10 May 2014

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Your SatScenes editor has gone away and left me to fill in. Help! What do I write? I’ve got loads of lovely photos from last Saturday but no text to go with them. Come back! All is forgiven!

Here are the people that so bravely took these photos:

To join in, take a photograph, tweet it to @SatScenes with a location.

[HELP! I’m locked in a SatScenes macro. Someone get me out!]

Fri 9 May 2014

3 May 2014

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Everyone seems to have been doing interesting things last Saturday:

These are the excellent photographers who took them:

So, how many Saturday Scenes will you manage this year?

You know the drill: take a photograph, tweet it to @SatScenes with a location and bask in the glory.

I’m looking forward to many more scenes from Saturdays to come.

Tell everyone you know! I want to see @SatScenes from every corner!

Fri 2 May 2014

16 April 2014

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So many beautiful photographs this week:

And the talented photographers who took them:

Do you have friends who own a camera or a smart phone?

You should tell them to take a photograph on Saturday. It’s easy to join us!

Simply send a tweet to @SatScenes with the url and the location and all the rest happens automatically!

I’m looking forward to seeing many more Saturday Scene in the next edition!

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