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Wed 25 February 2009

Times Change

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On February 21, 1947, the first instant developing camera was demonstrated in New York City by E H Land. Polaroid!

On February 21, 2009, eighteen people on twitter were using digital cameras to demonstrate their Saturday Scenes on the World-Wide Web.

This week brought us photographs from Israel, Austria, England, Spain, Egypt, Canada, U.S., Holland, and Switzerland. If I had to pick a trend for the scenes submitted, it’d be “activities” – from falling into the snow to drinking a coffee, twitter users stay busy all over the world.

This week’s contributors, in reverse order:

It’s easy to take part!

1) Take a photo on a Saturday and upload it

2) Send a reply to @SatScenes with the url for your photograph

3) Watch for the next episode of Saturday Scenes to see your photo here.

Although the photo should be taken on a Saturday, you don’t have to let me know the same day (although as soon as possible would be useful)!

Fri 20 February 2009

Saturday Scene Wordle

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I love Wordle! It allows you to waste several hours make pretty word pictures of any text document or website.

Take a look at the results from this year’s Saturday Scenes:

Wordle: SatScenes

Neat, isn’t it? I love how the regular contributors stand out although I’m thinking I should make a point of listing all the different countries that contributors come from – I think England and Israel would end up in huge letters but it’d be intriguing to see.

Now, I guess I better start thinking about where I want to take tomorrow’s photograph.

Wed 18 February 2009

Rudolph Valentino, Won’t You Be My Valentine?

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February 14 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

February 14 is the 45th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 320 days remaining until the end of the year (321 in leap years).

In 270, Saint Valentinus of Terni was executed, marking Valentine’s Day

In 1849, James Knox Polk became the first serving President of the United States to have his photograph taken.

In 2009, a wonderful collection of photographs was taken by people using twitter all over the world!

Take a moment to say hello to our contributors:

You can take part, too! Simply take a photograph on Saturday and let @SatScenes know about it!

Thu 12 February 2009

February Made Me Shiver

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Did you know?

February 7th is Independence Day in Grenada.
February 7th was the first time that the title Prince of Wales was granted to an English heir apparent
February 7th was the release of the film featuring the first appearance of Charlie Chaplin
February 7th is the birthday of Eddie Izzard

AND February 7th was a great day for Saturday Scenes, with lots of new people and locations for us to look at! This week we have a great mix of blue skies and beach and snow and people and still life scenes.

Here is the set:

Please take a moment to say hello to everyone who took time out of their Saturday to share a scene with you!

Anyone can take part! Simply take a photograph on a Saturday and tweet the url to @SatScenes ! We’d love to see what Saturday looks like in your part of the world.

P.S. dorr says his series from Ra’anana will be even better next week, so be sure to join us.

Wed 4 February 2009

SatSceners Get More Dates

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The Telegraph’s headline news was that last Saturday, everyone was out!

January 31 the year’s biggest night for first dates. – Telegraph

Although January may have the reputation as the peak month for relationships break up, new statistics show Saturday night is due to be the year’s biggest night for first dates.

That’s obviously why we have fewer photographs this week!

Make sure to send a tweet to our wonderful participants:

And to those of you who have never submitted a Saturday Scene, make sure to take part this coming Saturday so you don’t miss out on the fun (and maybe even a Valentine’s date?)

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