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Tue 23 December 2008

The End of the Year is Nigh!

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A little bit of drama never hurt. Seriously, you have only ONE MORE SATURDAY if you want to be able to say, “I SatScened in 2008!” So stop putting it off and take a Saturday Scene.

Our photographs from 20 December all take advantage of the light:

Pay a visit to our contributers and say hello!

I’ll be on the road next Saturday and unable to twitter but I will be taking a Saturday Scene and so should you! Just send a tweet to SatScenes before the 31st in order to ensure that you are included!

Thu 18 December 2008

Dot Dot Dot

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On December 12th 1901, the first radio transmission was sent across the Atlantic Ocean. In Cornwall, England, Guglielmo Marconi sent the letter S in Morse Code. The transmission was received in Newfoundland, over 2,000 miles away.

Why the letter S? To promote Saturday Scenes, of course!

On December 12th 2008, these photographs were taken:

Tell our participants how much you love their photographs:

It’s easy to take part! Just take a photograph on a Saturday and send the link to @Satscenes. Special credit for photos taken in Cornwall or Newfoundland.

Edit #1: It’s easy for me to mess up, too! Our Saturday early bird was @rauchy with his great sequence of A Saturday Morning Continental Breakfast. Ooops!

Edit #2: Actually, Saturday was December 13th. So all of my intro is a bit silly. BUT it turns out that one of our contributors is also the mother of the Guinness World Record creator and holder as Youngest Radio Host (photo coming soon) so I’m leaving it and changing the calendar instead. It seemed simpler.

And here he is!

Dakota Morton (born in Canada June 12, 1988) is known as the World’s Youngest Radio Host. He created the record and set it on January 16, 1999 at the age of 10 years, 218 days. The record was awarded while Dakota was hosting his radio show at CJAV radio

Edit #3: I’ve fixed the broken link. I think I might just go back to bed!

Wed 10 December 2008

6th of December

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Wiki says:

Fifteen is a triangular number and a hexagonal number, a pentatope number, and the 4th Bell number. Fifteen is the double factorial of 5. It is a composite number; its proper divisors being 1, 3 and 5. With only two exceptions, all prime quadruplets enclose a multiple of 15, with 15 itself being enclosed by the quadruplet (11, 13, 17, 19).

Fifteen is also the amazing number of gorgeous Saturday Scenes we have today! Egypt, England, the U.S., Netherlands, Israel, Germany, Spain and Austria are all represented! Take a look:

You’ll notice that Worcester is heavily represented this week. That’s because we have two mini-honourary-SatSceners! Pewari posted her sons’ Saturday Scenes as they were tired of missing out!

Did you know that you can hover over the thumbnail to see who posted the photograph? Take a look and then pop by to say hello to them on twitter!

Why don’t you take part this Saturday? We want to see your Saturday Scenes, whereever in the world that you might be. All you have to do is:

1. Take a photograph on a Saturday
2. Upload the photograph
3. Send a tweet to @SatScenes with the url

Wed 3 December 2008

29 November

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This week’s Saturday Scenes marks the end of November and it shows. The outdoor photographs are looking grey and foggy, and as more of the photos move indoors, we’re starting to see Christmas decorations.

Pop by the twitter streams of the photographers and say hello!
This week in SatScenes:

We’d love to see your photo too! Simply tweet the url of your photograph (taken on a Saturday) to @SatScenes to be included. Follow SatScenes for more details and to see each set of Saturday Scenes as they come out.

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