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Thu 27 November 2008

November 22nd

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As we head towards winter, the Saturday Scenes begin to shift. It seem the focus of our Saturdays is changing, both indoors and out. This month we still see sunshine but also grey skies and golden leaves and warm drinks.

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I’m looking forward to seeing your Saturday Scene in the next edition!

Sat 22 November 2008

Mid-November Blues? Not around here…

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November 15th in History
1837: The shorthand system, ‘Pitman’, is first published
1901: Hearing aid patented in New York, by Miller Reese
1918: Victory’ day celebrated in Britain to mark the ending of the First World War

Most of our Saturday Sceners (hmm, someone come up with a better name for participants, please!) still seem to be spending their weekends outside – will they keep it up in the depths of Winter? Follow SatScenes to make sure you don’t miss an installment!

This week’s collection of gorgeous photography:

If you like the photographs, why not let the contributors know. This week’s SatSceners:

Take a photograph on a Saturday so we can see your corner of the world.

Thu 13 November 2008

8 November 2008

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November 8th, 1793: The Louvre museum opens
November 8th, 1895: Wilhelm Rontgen becomes the first person to observe X-rays
November 8th, 1960: John F. Kennedy is elected president
November 8th, 2008: Great photgraphs posted onto twitter for the world to see!

Check it out:

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Thu 6 November 2008

The First of November

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Saturday scenes is coming back alive and we have some great scenes this week! Autumn has come and it shows with this mixture of indoor and outdoor shots and skies ranging from blue to grey. As always, click through on the photo to see the original with more detail:

Do you like what you see? Follow the photographers on twitter and find out more:

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Sat 1 November 2008

End of October Saturday Scenes

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Just a quick selection of Saturday Scenes which means that we’re now all caught up. Now, lets get the ball rolling for November. I want to see lots of photographs this week!

See the twitter streams to go with this set of die-hard SatScene fans!

Now, go forth and photograph or I’ll take your camera away.

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