Saturday Scenes

Sat 26 July 2008

Summer Loving

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Losts of outdoorsy photos for our Saturday Scenes for the 12th and 19th of July:

For more context, take a look at the twitter streams from our contributors, in random order:

Anyone can take part! Simply take a photograph on a Saturday and twitter the link with #satscene as a part of the tweet. Or send a note to @akaSylvia and I’ll add your photo to Saturday Scenes with a link to you.

Fri 11 July 2008

First Saturday in July

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It’s time to enjoy the summer weather … well, except for the upside-down folk but we don’t seem to have any of them taking part. Shame!

If you want to send in your Saturday scene, just tag it with #satscene or send a quick message to @akasylvia and I’ll include it.

See the twitter streams to go with this set of #satscenes:

Sat 5 July 2008

Saturday Scenes in June

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Click on the photos to go to the owner’s original photo-page:

See the twitter streams to go with this set of #satscenes:

Fri 4 July 2008


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Colin Brooks is on holiday in Athens so he emailed me these photographs with the following explanation:

Believe it or not, these were shots!

Believe it or not, these were shots! They are called “submarine” in Greek and originally they are meant to be a glass of beer (I’m not sure if it has to be a pint) in which you sink a shot glass filled with whiskey or tequila. I think internationally it’s known as a “Boilermaker”. However, I’m not sure exactly what was in the ones we had on Saturday because they were sweet and didn’t smell at all like beer or whisky or tequila. I think they had vodka (because the club was sponsored by Smirnoff that night) in them but I could be wrong. As you can see they are huge so they required a few gulps and multiple burps… I remember having at least 3 of those.

The other photos are just very bad photos of the crowd around us. I was too shy to take photos of the sexy girls dancing on the bar.

Athens Bar

Thu 3 July 2008

Hello world!

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Yet another twitter blog – hurray! The main point of this blog is to act as a central repository for #satscene photographs. Every Saturday, twitterites send in photographs of their immediate surroundings – leading us to see places and people from around the world. If you want to take part, just twitter your photograph url (TwitPic is good and easy for this) with a hashtag of #satscene and I’ll be sure to add it.

You are welcome to add me on twitter for updates and general silliness. The photographs include links to the original photo (so you can see what else they had to say about their Saturday) and the twitter stream of the photographer (so you can add them and see more of their world).

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