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Fri 15 August 2014

9 August 2014

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Rush rush rush… need to get last Saturday’s pictures out before midnight.

And here’s the people worth rushing for…

Quick, it’s nearly Saturday again. Send your picture to @SatScenes with the url and the location.

Fri 8 August 2014

2 August 2014

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Are you ready for another wonderful collection of photographs from last Saturday? Of course you are!

Here’s the list of our photographers of the week. Say hello!

Shouldn’t EVERYONE take a photograph on Saturday? Tell your friends that it’s easy!

  1. Take a photograph on a Saturday
  2. Upload the photograph
  3. Send a tweet to @SatScenes with the url and the location
  4. Bask in the glory

I’m looking forward to seeing your photograph in the next edition!

Fri 1 August 2014

26 July 2014

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On the Saturday of the 26th of July in 2014, twenty-seven photographs were taken and submitted to Saturday Scenes, documenting contemporary life for the future.

I just love the set this week, it really allows for a extraordinary look at the world and all the lovely SaturdaySceners* in it.

And here are the SaturdaySceners* who took them:

You can find out what all of these great people are up to simply by clicking the names and following their twitter feeds. Make a friend today!

And while I’m telling you what to do… why don’t you join in this weekend? Just take a photograph on Saturday and send the link to @SatScenes with the location! It’s easy and fun and we love seeing new sights.

* Is too a word!

Fri 25 July 2014

19 July 2014

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This collection of Saturday is absolutely full of lovely activities and places. I loved going through them to make the set:

Take a minute out of your day to follow the wonderful people who sent in a photograph:

Tomorrow it’s already Saturday again? Take a Saturday Scene! And tell everyone you know! I want to see @SatScenes from every corner!

Fri 18 July 2014

12 July 2014

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Another Saturday and another set of scenes. And honestly, they are really spectacular this week:

Here are all the photographers who submitted them:

Take a photograph tomorrow! And tell everyone you know that they should take a photograph too! I want to see @SatScenes from every corner this week!

Fri 11 July 2014

5 July 2014

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We have an amazing set of stunning photographs this week. I dare you to glance over these without something catching your eye and tempting you to look closer:

You know the drill: take a photograph, tweet it to @SatScenes with a location and bask in the glory.

I’m looking forward to many more scenes from Saturdays to come.

Fri 4 July 2014

28 June 2014

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This was the first Saturday after Self-Portrait Saturday and the last Saturday of June 2014.

And what a wonderful Saturday it was:

Here are the amazing people who took such wonderful photographs:

Why don’t you join in?

We’d love to see your photos! Just take a picture on a Saturday and send it to @SatScenes with a location.

See you next week!

Thu 26 June 2014

21 June 2014

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Last week was Self-Portrait Saturday! We’ve managed to do this every year and once again, I’m thrilled with the results.

Take a look at these gorgeous and clever photographs allowing us to see a little more of who is behind the camera:

Why don’t you join in?

We’d love to see your photos! Just take a picture on a Saturday and send it to @SatScenes with a location.

See you next week!

Fri 20 June 2014

14 June 2014

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Happy Saturday all around in these great photographs from the 14th of June!

Here’s the great photographers who submitted them:

Next week: Self-Portrait Saturday! Just like every other Saturday except that you are invited — encouraged even! — to turn the camera around and take a photograph of yourself. Would you like inspiration? Take a look at the last five years of self-portraits:

The rules are simple: You have to take the photograph on Saturday, just like every other week! Simply submit it with a location and we’ll end up with a great collage.

You don’t have to take a self-portrait if you don’t want to but it sure is fun to see the faces (and feet, and other clever interpretations) behind the lens.

See you on Saturday?

Fri 13 June 2014

7 June 2014

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Yay! It’s another week of wonderful photographs!

Looking for Twitter friends? How about saying hello to these fine people who take photographs on Saturdays!

Taking part is easy!

Just take a photo on a Saturday and tweet the url and location to @SatScenes to be included in next week’s round-up!

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